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Gaffed STP machine

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Welcome back Alan, I'm amazed you stayed away for as long as you did.
It takes a while, sometimes, for a previous posters' writing style to finally come forward. The signs were there within the "newbie's" first ten posts.

In the author's 2nd and 3rd post, he slam the credibility of this forum and the moderator. In his 8th post he writes, "can't believe the forum moderator allows it..". Jeez what newbie gets so excited about a moderator?

In his 5th post he slams KJ and his lifestyle. In his 6th post he write, "...normal kids wouldn't say a negative word about their parents publicly...".

In his 10th post he has a passing comment about the "responsible forum owner".

Sorry guys, sitting in the bleachers watching this has been fun. Glad to see that everyone has finally come to the same conclusion.
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