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Arnold Snyder passing

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Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
Come on, I know some of you guys got started with some card counting play, back in the day, even if you are now far removed from it.

Mickeycrimm, Axelwolf, MaxPen, regnis, Midwest player? Any of you guys have any interactions with Arnold Snyder, in person or on forums or even just feel he and many books and math heavy concepts had any influence on you and your play?

While again, he was before my time and didn't have much influence on me, it seems like he was a serious outside-the-box thinker and I admire that.

Are we really this far removed from a gambling forum that no one has anything to say when someone like Arnold Snyder, a blackjack pioneer and member of the BJ HofF passes?
I used to read his articles in Card Player Magazine. But BJ has never been my game. He also wrote a book about playing the daily low-buyin poker tournaments in Las Vegas.