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Thread: Scrap silver sold from my belt

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    I had no idea my old belt -- the belt I wore every day with my old jeans -- had a buckle and a belt tip, and some hooks that were made out of sterling silver. Earlier today, the leather of the belt finally ripped -- after about fifteen years of use. I almost tossed the belt into the trash, but something made me look at the buckle parts because this belt was a birthday gift. Sure enough, stamped into the buckle and other parts was the word "sterling." It was sterling silver. So on the way to the office, I passed a jewelry store with a sign that said "we buy gold." I walked in, took the four pieces out of my pocket, put them on the counter and a couple of minutes later I walked out with twenty dollars. Look, it's not a fortune, but it's twenty bucks. And now I can go to Ross or Marshall's and buy a replacement belt that's made in Japan and has no silver and hopefully get some change from the twenty.

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    i will appreciate that you are dealing with the silver gold which has a boost market in the stock exchange and it will beneficial

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