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Thread: Does coverage of glenn beck rally deserve its own thread?

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    Yes. As suggested in another thread. Yes, definetly!!!
    As always, debates will rage regarding the numbers at any rally. Liars figure and figures lie. Go figure.
    I think, to some degree, MUCH of "The MSM" choses to ignore BeckFest, in the hopes that he'll go away. Not likely. DID the MSM give it justifiable coverage?
    I was quite disappointed in MSNBC's lack of coverage by both Olbermann and Maddow on Monday. Although, the absentee Olbermann did see fit to appear and amuse only himself in a sophomoric, "Man Behind The Curtain" video routine at the end of the show. Lame.
    Hopefully, Stewart and Colbert will provide better upon their return.
    Regardless of the numbers, there was a significant turn out, and Beck pulled it off, without incident. There is certainly fodder and reason for even unbiased examination here, perhaps it lies in the offing:
    Was the crowd advised before hand that it was NOT going to be a "political rally"? As posed on another thread, was the crowd advised to refrain from "political signage"? Did such advisories affect turn out? Were any attendees disappointed by the absence of the usual political pitch forks and torches? Were any attendees offended by the change to a largely christians only religious theme? How many followed Beck's plea to auto-text $10 to the SOWF? How much was actually raised and actually received by SOWF? How much of it went first to defray "*production costs"? Were Beck and other speakers considered part of that "*production cost" and paid by those donations? How much?...
    Many questions DO remain. The question is: will any media outlet, especially the left-leaning wing of the media raise these issues in an attempt to discredit Beck - or will they ignore him for fear of potentially bolstering his credibility and support?
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