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Thread: Casinos for point of sale advertising.

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    Casinos -- yeah, the place you play blackjack or craps or video poker or slots -- are a great venue for point of sale advertising. Casinos have a large captive audience -- and really captive because the doors are usually at the end of a maze of tables and machines and hard to find. Casinos operate 24 hours and as everyone knows there are no clocks and no windows to alert you to the time of day.

    In our Las Vegas forum, one of our members mentioned that game top advertising is now being developed. The advertising could come from small video screens at gaming tables such as craps tables or blackjack tables. Small video screens for advertising are already used in retail stores -- they can be mounted at point of sale displays. See the photo below. (click on the thumbnail image to enlarge)

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    Of course there are challenges for advertisers in a casino environment. The ads will have to be short because there isn't much time between hands dealt at blackjack tables, or the roll of the dice at craps tables.

    There are already slot machines and video poker machines with built-in screens that can show videos. Pechanga Casino in Temecula has screens built in on many of its machines that show videos about casino promotions. It would be easy to replace a casino promotion video with an ad for an airline for your next flight to the casino, or for a car that you could buy with your winnings.

    Those screens on slot machines and video poker machines are ideal for advertising brands of liquor, brands of beer, brands of cigarettes. You don't see many video ads for cigarettes anymore -- they're not allowed on TV -- but I'm certainly thinking they would be welcomed in casinos.

    And while we are placing ads on tables and machines, let's not overlook video monitor kiosks that can be used to run videos for the various shops and convention centers and shopping malls that are connected to casinos.

    Several years ago I was talking to one of the big casino companies in Vegas about becoming their website manager, and my idea was to turn their casino resort website into a money-making operation doing more than just booking hotel reservations. I wanted to sell advertising on the site, and to use the site to advertise the various stores in the shopping mall on its property, and to promote the conventions at its convention center.

    I also thought that ads on the website of a high end Strip resort in Las Vegas would appeal to many luxury goods advertisers including jewelry, watch, car companies, as well as real estate, travel and tourism companies, and of course doctors and dentists offering the latest cosmetic wonders. These companies go after the same high rollers that the high-end casinos want so why shouldn't a casino try to sell ads to them?

    Most casino resorts today in Las Vegas get a large percentage of their income from non-gaming so why not tap into the revenue stream from advertising. Casinos have consumers who are willing to spend and that will certainly appeal to a lot of companies who would also like to reach those big spenders.
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    Many casinos put casino events on their chips which are used at table games -- and on their room key cards. Caesars Palace, for example has put featured showroom acts on its chips such as Bette Midler and Celine Dion. This is, of course, advertising of casino events. Why not sell the advertising space on the casino chips to other sponsors? Would Tiffany or Cartier or Rolex want to be featured on $100 chips or $1,000 chips? Would the Forum Shops buy ad space on the $25 chips? Would Pepsi want the ad space on the $1 chips?

    And the room key cards that are used now are also a perfect vehicle for advertising. Some of the casinos print special room key cards for conventions that have a large number of rooms. So just as easily -- and with a profit motive attached -- casino resorts could also print room key cards featuring ads from furniture companies, carpeting companies, appliance companies, bedding companies plus cards featuring ads from retailers at the casino complex, and so forth.

    By the way, the idea has come up before for putting advertisements on U. S. Stamps and for coins. The idea is that the U. S. Government could sell ad space to raise money. Imagine if McDonalds bought the ad space on those $1 coins that don't seem to circulate? I am sure if there were an image of the Golden Arches on the $1 coins, McDonalds would be sure to make change with them.
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