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Thread: Olympus Has Fallen --I know my wife won't go with me.

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    I just saw the trailer for Olympus Has Fallen and I know my wife won't go with me. This isn't one of her "light movies" that she has to drag me to. This film has everything, I think: a good plot line, lots of action, maybe some thinking as it involves political drama and Morgan Freeman. I am a big Morgan Freeman fan. And I really like him in "presidential roles" like he had in Deep Impact.

    Here's the trailer for Olympus Has Fallen which will be released in a couple of weeks:

    And here's the trailer from Deep Impact which today is still one of the best Sci Fi movies:

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    I enjoy this type of movie and Morgan Freeman as well. But his best roles are when he plays God. You Obama does!

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    I finally got to see this... because my wife wouldn't go to this move on "movie nights" so I had to find a way to see it myself. And I did. I was at Caesars Palace in Vegas and it was on the hotel's movie system. Really, really good. Lots of action and a darn good plot, too, with enough basic reality thrown in to make the whole thing somewhat believable and not a complete fantasy.

    Now, another "White House Destruction" movie is coming out: White House Down Read about it here:

    This has me wondering-- do movie studios have spies working at other studios to let them know what's in production so they can get two competing themed films out at about the same time?
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    This was damn good, lots of action. (White House Down sucked).


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