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    Take my advice and do what I just did: I sold heavily today. Why? Because I believe this constant record-setting will end tomorrow or early next week. In addition, you've seen how an inexperienced Obama administration continuously claims the $17trillion deficit "ain't no thing, and is very, very sustainable without any pain at all". This, even though in his first presidential campaign our fabulous president blasted GWB for adding an "immoral" $4trillion to the deficit in his 8 years and said it was "unpatriotic"....while our clueless president has added $9trillion in half the time--and he now claims it's "good for the nation" & "sustainable"!! Two-faced lying hypocrite anyone?

    Because of this runaway wreck along with the fact that he's printing more and more money--which has NEVER worked in any country or economy in history--THERE WILL BE A COLLAPSE. And it won't take much to trigger it. Some economists say it'll only be a "correction" while I see it as an epic event.

    Sell folks, while you still have the chance to make a good profit....and before this wreck of a train runs completely off it's tracks.
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    A "correction" is usually defined as a sell-off of 10-percent. How do you define a "collapse," Rob?

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    A "correction" is usually defined as a sell-off of 10-percent. How do you define a "collapse," Rob?
    I'm aware of that. This collapse will be far more than 10%. It has begun today as I said, and I'm GLAD I sold heavily yesterday.

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    How do you define a "collapse" in terms of points (value) and time (duration) ??

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    I don't. A collapse to me is when a lot of money goes south.

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    Originally Posted by Rob.Singer View Post
    This collapse will be far more than 10%.
    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    How do you define a "collapse" in terms of points (value) and time (duration) ??
    Originally Posted by Rob.Singer View Post
    I don't. A collapse to me is when a lot of money goes south.
    You've already said the collapse will be "more than 10%" so do you mean a collapse is ten percent or how much more of a "collapse" do you expect?

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    More than 10%. A lot more.

    Went down again today. While a few days doesn't mean much and there could be a few up days here and there, I've already saved a bundle by selling last week.
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    Rob, on the Stock Market Notes page I wrote about how I think a pullback or pause is good for the market especially after the incredible ten-day rally in the Dow. While I don't bet on stocks (and no longer trade options) I'm inclined to think that we will see Dow 15,000 before Dow 14,000. I'll buy you lunch at Central at Caesars if I'm wrong.

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    And I'll do the same if it doesn't.

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    Rob Singer... we're only about 300 points away from Dow 15,000. I really like the grilled salmon at Central. And I absolutely adore the chocolate ice cream. Best chocolate ice cream I ever had.

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    Well, after a bit of a scare, the Dow is now only about 160 points from my grilled salmon lunch at Caesars Palace... Rob.

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    When I got out last month it was right after I dumped all the gold I purchased also. So we can use platinum silverware to eat that salmon with.

    Don't be fooled by what's going on. The debt is way too high with a president who doesn't understand it, an administration who is the most incompetent of any we've ever had, and an economist who thinks printing more and more money will take care of paying the bills without any consequences. The playhouse will come crashing down. This madness is a proven failure in 100% of the instances throughout history & throughout the world, so it's only a matter of time. Just use Obama's terror record as a barometer of he and his staff's overall cluelessness. The great GWB had 9/11 happen as soon as he took office, then nothing else over his next 7 years. Obama comes in with a big mouth, he puts a moron dike in charge of homeland security, and in just over 4 years he has 5 terror incidents.

    No....our money isn't safe either.

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    How many crises can we count since I started reporting on the stock market in 1973 and the Dow was at 599.... hmmm??

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    Except for Carter, we've had competent presidents since then. And we're not talking about crises' here as in affecting the market long term. Most Don't. The only real way to bring it down is by bad policy, and we have that in spades today.

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    What the Dow hitting 15,000 means to me: free lunch, Rob.

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