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Thread: How Many Cell Phones Do You Have/Use/Carry?

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    Over on the Las Vegas forum, there is a discussion about the number of cell phones people carry and use. The discussion came up when one video poker player was showing photos of jackpot hands with different photo identifications leading some to challenge whether the photos were really his or "taken" from another source.

    The player responded that he had three of his own cell phones, and sometimes used a fourth belonging to his wife, and took photos of his jackpots using any of the phones at any time... hence the different identification sequences.

    So, how many cell phones do you carry? Do you have one for business, and one for personal use? Or two for business and two for personal use?

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    I like to talk on a flip phone so that's why I still use one. But texting on those is something only teenagers can do efficiently, so I have a 2nd with a "real" keyboard to send & receive probably thousands of texts every month with family and mostly with the large number of vp students & acquaintences I've met over the years. My third phone is a smartphone, which I use mostly for the Internet, and everyday for it's hotspot in order to connect to the Internet on our computers.

    I know the 3rd phone can do all of that well--and a few even have real keyboards attached. But after all, I'm Rob Singer. I need the redundancy. And besides, I purposely wanted three just to aggravate and infuriate my critics

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