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Thread: WAVY fires meteorologist

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    Talk about bad timing...a hurricane is on its way and an eastern seaboard station fires one of its meteorologists

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    Certainly bad timing and you have to wonder if it was in the works. With a hurricane on the way the reason for "separation" must have been more important than the storm, don't you think? And are you sure it was a "firing" or something else?

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    Thanks for updating the story. The post you made got me to thinking--- there is a newspaper in Nevada (I think you know which one) that is suing other websites that use links to its online edition. Should any link to this paper's website be posted here, we will immediately delete it-- and for one reason -- we don't want to be sued as dozens of others have. So, please refrain from posting any links to that paper's site, and if by accident one does get posted, we will have to delete it with regret. Unfortunately the free exchange of information on the web stops with this particular company.

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    Thanks for pointing that out Alan...I will remember that. It's kinda bad...I mean what's the big deal anyway, not with you but the papers? If people would link something from that paper's site it's not like the site isn't gonna get credit for a web hit out of it and people will read THEIR story least it's not being put on the web word for word without attribution. Maybe my logic's a little off, but it sounds to me like they're shooting themselves in the foot. I guess it's more of the trend in this country of the print media running scared with the growth of the internet.

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    A few days ago a legal research paper was published on the subject of when quoting other works on the Internet was legal and when it was copyright infringement. Of course there is no clear cut decision yet, and there is a lot of litigation going on. But what I took away from this lengthy report was that it is OK to post a link, but be careful not to copy and repost actual content from the copyrighted article. It's OK to write "this newspaper had an interesting article about xxxx and here is the link," but you could get yourself in trouble with their lawyers if you were to post the first few sentences of their copyrighted works. Now, there are "consolidator websites" that do this, including the major search engines. But I will leave it to them to decide how to run their businesses. I would be happier if we don't do any copying of copyrighted material here. Posting an article link isn't a copyright infringement -- it is simply telling Internet users where to find the copyrighted material. Thanks.

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