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    I'm surprised this one hasn't been mentioned yet. As everyone knows, DDL won the Academy Award, and it was unquestionably highly deserved. The forces of events during last 3 months or so of Lincoln's life, which was wisely selected by Steven Spielberg as the timeline for the film, brought out the best of Lincoln's incredible character and one can't be anything but totally mesmerized by DDL's performance in his portrayal of the President. Lincoln buffs, like myself, and even the casual movie-goer will enjoy this one. I recommend it greatly.

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    I saw it but I have to admit I watched it on my computer via a DVD which was sent to me because I am a SAG/AFTRA member. I am sure I missed a lot of it on the "very small screen" but I enjoyed it and found it interesting.

    I also questioned the vote against ending slavery by the Connecticut congressman. That struck me odd when I watched the video the first time, and then I read about the news reports and commentary that this was a factual error.

    I can overlook errors when it's a great movie and this was.

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    It was great in terms of the history but my God, I couldn't wait for it to end. Bored out of my mind.


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