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Thread: Frank Scoblete The Virgin Kiss

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    I've started to read Frank Scoblete's book The Virgin Kiss and the first 23 pages had me captivated. I am guessing that this is Frank's autobiography and it is fascinating from the first sentence with his near-death experience... and I am not talking about Frank getting back-roomed in a casino, either.

    Yes, there is plenty of information about the problems of being an advantaged player and the trouble his Golden Touch Craps team and instructors got into in Tunica.

    Frank also explained his short career as a boxer and how he was not destined to be the "white Muhammad Ali."

    I'm going to update this as I get through more of it. Of course the chapter on the "virgin kiss" is deep inside the book so I guess it would be wrong for me to skip chapters... so I won't cheat.

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    Continuing the fascinating read of Frank's book. There is a detailed, roll by roll, chapter on The Captain's record roll in Atlantic City and now I am reading a large section of the book about Frank's travels and experiences in the Weird World and I have to ask -- was The Captain also part of the Weird World and that's why there are no media reports about The Captain's record roll? What about the player you identified as being with you at the table? Has he ever told his story?

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    Almost finished with the book, and I read about the virgin kiss... and the second kiss, too. Next time I see him I hope he won't think I'm weird when I look at his lips closely. This is really an entertaining story and the funny stuff makes you laugh and the chilling stories send chills up and down your spine. Frank was also quite the athlete in school and a bully bopper, too.

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    I finished the book and honestly it is a very good book to read. This is Frank's story told in a way you would never expect. It is Frank growing up and Frank learning about the facts of life and the mysticism of life. It is also a story about Frank getting his head banged against walls and how Frank punched through walls. Some of it makes you laugh-- especially Frank's experiences as a teacher and Frank's headaches with bad service at casino buffets. We can all identify with these stories. Some of the book makes you angry because you share some of the same frustrations he has about government and life. Some of it scares you. And some of it makes you wonder if maybe Frank took one too many punches when he was a boxer as a kid in school. But maybe if he hadn't taken one too many punches the book would never have been written?

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    Alan, I am so happy you enjoyed this book. I just finished another non-gambling book Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned: Confessions of a Wayward Catholic. My regular publisher Triumph books, a division of Random House, only publishes sports and gambling books and wouldn't even read this one. That is truly amazing. You'd think I'd at least get a hearing but even though I will be signing a two-book deal next week (making it eight books I'll have done for them), I am hunting around for a publisher. Who said being a writer is easy?

    If you don't mind, I will send a free copy of The Virgin Kiss to the first 20 of your readers that email me at has sold out but I still have two cases of the books in my house.

    Again, Alan, I am so glad you enjoyed the book.


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