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Thread: How to make money trading commodities

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    Every year, many traders hope to diversify their portfolios from the stock market with commodities. However, the commodity
    market is very risky and many aspiring traders are left wondering how to make money trading commodities. Fortunately, trading
    this market is made much easier through use of a bullish breakout trading method and a few simple rules.


    Commodity Breakout Trading

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    Pull up a commodity price chart service on the Internet. You can use a free service like the one at, where you
    can click the tab on the left column marked “Commodity Charts” and be taken to a selection of price charts for different
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    Scan the charts for commodities that are bullish, which means trending upwards. You can spot these commodities because their
    price action will start at the lower left hand corner of the chart and travel into the direction of the upper right hand chart. Mark
    any commodities that are trending in this manner.

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    I love technical analysis. I wonder if your company ever points out any specific chart patterns such as head and shoulders formations, cup and handle formations, pennants, flags, etc.? What do you think is the most bullish formation and what formations do you think signal market failures and the approach of big selling?
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    Originally Posted by preet72787 View Post
    Trading in commodities is risky. It is good to make commodity charts and do the technical analysis.
    There are different ways to interpret the same chart. That is one of the problems of technical analysis. Is there a particular type of analysis that you follow? Are you familiar with Stan Weinstein author of The Professional Tape Reader? I learned technical analysis from him. His system is basic and direct.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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