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Thread: More newspaper websites adding video, new Apple TV

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    I can't help but notice how more newspaper web sites are adding video, even their own "newscasts" anchored by a staff member or members, and using video feeds from the AP or other media sources. Yes, even some newspapers are giving video cameras to their reporters to shoot video in the field.

    Then on Wednesday, Apple announced a new device that attaches to your TV set that will let you take Internet videos through your home wireless system and put it on your TV so you can watch not only Apple videos and downloads on your TV but also any other video content from the web on your TV.

    It just means that full Internet TV is closer than ever, and newspapers will be right there at the forefront of it. And it's all another threat to traditional TV, isn't it?

    By the way, I'm impressed with what the Las Vegas Review Journal has done adding video and a newscast to its website. But was not the first. I am waiting to see their field reporters to start using palm sized digital video recorders in the field... if they aren't doing it already. But right now they have attractive graphics, good lighting, effective use of AP Video. They are on the way. What I don't know is how often they update their video newscasts on the website. But it certainly could be done hourly, couldn't it?

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    It depends on how much they've got these folks doing, Alan. I know my counterparts at the Press Enterprise are responsible for print, web and video versions of their stories now. The video is getting better than it was. But honestly, when I'm online I usually don't WANT to watch a video of a story, unles it's breaking news outside of my own area and I'm not close to a TV.. I want to read it and move on.

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    I like my movies and TV in color, and I now prefer my Internet in video. Though I do admit when the content is only available in text, I will read the text. But in the long run, I think Internet TV will rival broadcast and cable TV.

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