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    I'm planning to go to Venezuela by train from New york in early second week of June. Can you tell me how many hours it takes and which kind of train I should reserve for. I am traveling alone and I have to take my big luggage with me which I usually use as my carry in luggage when I travel by air.

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    Well, I think that since you are promoting some sort of tour company in Venezuela that you would already have the answer. But just in case your company hasn't found out yet... I would take the new Caribbean Tunnel that recently opened starting at the end of Manhattan, near Wall Street, that continues through to Curacao and then around Cuba. There are several rest stops along the way with new Underwater Holiday Inns that feature the original Howard Johnson's Ice Cream Parlors. McDonald's will also be offering drive-thrus at 15-mile intervals in the Caribbean Tunnel, and Starbucks is seeking the franchise for the new tunnel route -- but it still needs clearance from the U.N. Security Council in order to offer the blends of coffee coming from Africa. Virgin Airways has already proposed "sleeper buses" to make the journey more comfortable and I understand that Branson, himself, is recruiting bus hostesses. Meanwhile, Google is setting up WiFi through the entire Caribbean Tunnel to keep the kids from becoming bored during the long ride. But there is hope that the 25-cent toll (thanks to government subsidies) will soon finance the construction of undersea windows so Tunnel-Travelers will be able to enjoy the underwater sights.

    I hope this helps you make your plans. Regards to everyone at Orinoco Tours.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Help me please coz I have a problem for a topic which is not familiar to me and that is day spa Philadelphia PA. Have you been there? I'm interested because I wanna try their services.

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    Why the day spa in Philadelphia? As much as I like Philadelphia I would try the spas in Las Vegas.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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