OPEC says that fundamentals may ease for the second half of this year which means supply side would turn out to be robust. Seasonally-higher demand is also anticipated by the OPEC. Meanwhile Barclays expects, “higher call on its crude in Q3 and Q4” would make OPEC to ramp up production slowly. The supply would be fine just like the demand and as a result the prices could be stable, ie, if one goes by this limited metric.

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Guessing on what OPEC could do in the future is a dangerous exercise in that it may turnout to be exact opposite. But out here, the views of Barclays and OPEC may be juxtaposed to gleam into the future. And we see some convergence by doing so. Get Crude Oil Tips and more Free Commodities Tips on Mobile Visit here: Maxcommodity.com

Barclays analysing the crude oil fundamentals have observed that OPEC may produce close to its traget of 30 mb/d of oil up to July and would slowly ramp up the production to meet “higher call on its crude in Q3 and Q4”. OPEC had convened a conference in Vienna which decided that member countries should adhere to the existing production ceiling of 30.0 mb/d. Read more..http://goo.gl/W116z