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Thread: The National Association of Realtors: new TV ad campaign

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    The newest TV commercial from the National Association of Realtors really got my attention because instead of focusing on home ownership and the benefits and ease of buying a home -- it's primary focus is on homeowners who might be thinking about selling their home. Watch the commercial below:

    The commercial tells the story of a couple that has been thinking about buying and as they look at a home for sale on the Internet in a live video (yes, this technology is used) they see the Realtor add a "sold sign."

    The point of the commercial: homes are selling quickly and there is a lot of demand.

    The main target of the ad: home sellers. They should list their homes now. Call a Realtor.

    The secondary target of the ad: home buyers. They should not hesitate. Homes are selling fast. Call a Realtor.

    In the last six months many Realtors here in Southern California have complained that they don't have enough listings, yet few Realtors have actually advertised for listings. But the National Association of Realtors seemingly broke the ice with this ad: it is advertising for listings.

    I have spoken to several realtors here in Southern California who have said they need more listings. But advertise for listings? Well, all but one hasn't done it. I will tell you about the one who did advertise for listings in a moment.

    I can't for the life of me understand why the Realtors who don't advertise for listings won't advertise for listings? Is it because no one did it before? Is it because they were not told they could do it when they went to real estate school? Is it because they just didn't think about it? Is it because no one said "yes, it's okay to advertise for listings"?

    Well, now the NAR has put on a TV commercials about listing homes for sale -- and about calling a Realtor to sell. Why couldn't local Realtors do that? Why couldn't local real estate agents do that? Do they all think they can only advertise for buyers?

    Well, I did say there is one local Realtor who has advertised for listings and for homes for sale. She is Maribel Munoz of Keller Williams in Azusa, in the Inland Empire area of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. I have to hand it to Maribel because she is way ahead of other Realtors in Southern California. She understood a few months ago the importance of advertising for listings and for homeowners to contact her about selling.

    She also understands the importance of using the new media to sell homes because she knows that buyers look online first and shop online and look at videos of homes for sale. Maribel Munoz of Keller Williams so far is the first Realtor to actually advertise for listings on my Best Buys TV Show. Watch her TV show spot below:

    The real estate market is different now. Homes almost sell themselves, so Realtors must advertise for listings and not for buyers.

    Alan Mendelson
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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