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Thread: Is Time Warner Cable dropping KCBS Channel 2 in So Cal ??

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    I am sure that by now you've seen the TV commercials and heard the radio commercials on the CBS-owned stations here in the Los Angeles area -- they are urging viewers to call Time Warner Cable and tell them not to drop CBS2.

    But that's not really a true representation about what's going on.

    What's really going on is the CBS is demanding that Time Warner Cable pay CBS more money to carry CBS programs (that's Channel 2's broadcast) on its cable system.

    The argument seems to be that CBS wants more money, and Time Warner says that if it pays CBS more than it will have to raise the price of cable TV service.

    Read more here:

    I don't think the public really understands, how the media business really works and who pays who.

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    Here's an update, and it appears the new deadline is this coming Friday:

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    Today, Time Warner Cable blocked KCBS and KCAL from its systems here in Southern California. On the TV screen right now is this message from TWC:

    "CBS has demanded an outrageous increase for programming that CBS delivers free over the air and online requiring us to remove their stations from your lineup while we continue to negotiate for rair and reasonable terms."

    Yep, CBS gets paid by advertisers, and it also demanded that Time Warner pay them for the right to carry the CBS stations' programs on its Cable service. Those charges that TWC pays to CBS are part of your monthly cable TV bill.

    Well, I am a TWC customer and I am a CBS viewer, so TWC should now reduce my monthly cable bill. I will be asking them for a credit.

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    Saturday night. The biggest night for TV. And no CBS on TWC.

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