I just got my "monthly" and "weekly" offers from Harrah's Rincon and if I had to attach a caption to the offers page it would read: Here are your offers for October, don't bother coming back.

And in fact, except for one visit in October I won't be going back.

The one visit I will make will be to use my cash back bonus $340 plus whatever daily and weekly I can combine with it.

The way it looks to me now, tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct 1, will be the day/evening to go when I can combine:

1. $340 bounce back / cash back
2. $80 weekly free play from the last week in September
3. Tuesday $145 free play offer

Total for this visit: $565. After that it's all down hill.

My weekly free play money has been reduced to $70, my Tuesday and Thursday free play offers which used to be $240 per week are now down to $145. And other daily offers have also been deeply cut.

Ironically, my bounce back money for October... the $340... is $120 more than the previous month and reflects more actual coin in play.

My weekly dining credit has also been reduced to $60 and used to be well over $100 and sometimes in the past has been more than $200.

I guess the other players are correct when they say Rincon has tightened up on the comps and offers in order to pay for the new hotel tower.

Without the one-time $340 bounce back money, my single best day for combined offers will be $215 and to be honest it's not worth a drive of two hours each way to claim that.

It appears I will be better off making one trip per month to Caesars for a once a month offer that is worth $1,000 of free play or shopping.