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Thread: "Gravity" in Imax 3D

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    I saw Gravity with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in Imax 3-D and it was an amazing way to watch the movie. At times I wanted to reach out and touch the bolts and space debris that seemed to be floating just inches from my nose... and I also wanted to reach out and touch Sandra Bullock but that wouldn't have been appropriate.

    The movie really came to life in 3-D but it also made the story terrifying. When space debris was coming at you with the speed of bullets I really felt space debris was coming at me with the speed of bullets.

    The movie only is 91 minutes and it was so well done and so intriguing that I felt it was short. But in retrospect it was really the perfect length because there were no "dead moments." Every shot and every scene had a purpose and that's what good screenwriting is all about.

    Sandra Bullock's performance was so good it surprised me. The innocent girl on the bus in Speed was nothing like the character in Gravity and she showed a lot of depth in this production.

    Clooney was Clooney -- meaning you expect him to be perfect and he was.

    Ironically it seemed that the previews and shorts before the film ran as long as the film did. I think it was because I saw the same previews for some movies at least twice.

    I also thought that the 3D glasses were a good fit. The photo below also shows the fine, designer styling in the 3D glasses.

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    When people say that "Gravity" is a mind-blowing experience, they aren't kidding. It just has to be in the IMAX 3D format.

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