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Thread: Where do you get your news?

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    I'd like to welcome you to our forums, and if you happened to find this particular forum about "media" I would like to ask a simple question, and I hope you will take time to give your answer. Where do you get your news?

    A lot has changed since I started in the news business back in the 1960s (yep, it's been that long). Back then, there were morning and evening newspapers, and even rock 'n roll radio stations had newscasts, and there were magazines like Time and Life that were in every home, and we all watched the 6 o'clock news when the family had dinner together. There was no Internet, there were no "smart phones" and there wasn't even Cable TV.

    But now, where do you get your news? If you are here, then obviously you are using the Internet, so you must be looking at sports scores, weather, even news from various websites. How much of your news comes from the web? And do you watch certain "news cable channels" such as CNN or Fox or CNBC or the Weather Channel or ESPN? Do you listen to all news radio stations? And do you watch the traditional TV newscasts?

    There is a lot of debate about the future of "local news" so what do you think about its importance now and in the future? Thanks.

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    From many sources..TV, radio..the only source while driving.. Newspapers..I read the papers cover to cover while having my morning coffee, I usally have the tv on in the back ground usually on the Today show or KTLA. Newspapers are still the best source for in depth analysis and detailed reporting. The internet is like TV,, good headline and immediate coverage. I look at weather underground for weather and yahoo for sports ..In the evening I usually watch KCAL if there are no prime time programs of interest to me and many times I surf the internet while watching tv.

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    I know this is old but its a great discussion. Myself.....CNN, FOX, BBC. I love Fox in the evenings. I'll list a couple sites I go to (I hope thats alright?) >>
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    Perfectly okay to list sites. I check for market info, and frankly, I get most of my news from KNX Radio the all news station in LA because we spend so much time in the car driving to shoots and clients and meetings. I don't think I have watch a full evening half hour newscast in several years. Most of the big stories are on the Internet before they are on the evening news.

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