The deals might be better this Christmas shopping season and it's all because of the calendar. Thanksgiving comes a week later this year and that means Black Friday comes a week later too, than last year. And that also means that this year the Christmas shopping season is a full six days shorter than it was last year.

A reduction of six shopping days is a decrease of a bit more than 18% in shopping days.

I think a decrease of more than 18% in the number of shopping days is going to hurt every retailer and I think to make up for those fewer shopping days retailers will be pushed to chop prices sooner and deeper than in years past.

The decrease in shopping days could also mean longer shopping days. We already have some big stores opening on Thanksgiving Day and later in the shopping season I expect to see more malls and more independent stores stay open 24-hours in an attempt to grab whatever sales they can.

And if stores do decide to stay open around the clock I very much expect to see bargain prices during those midnight hours to bring in the sales that will justify the extra expense.

The shorter holiday shopping season might also mean more and bigger after-Christmas sales. With six fewer days to move out that Christmas inventory, I am expecting the post Christmas sales to be bigger and better for shoppers.