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Thread: TV News is a young business... how do you feel about it?

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    I'm not saying this is "right" but many of us who have been in TV news for most of our lives know that the TV news business is generally a "young business" and as you get older the chances increase that you will be replaced by someone "younger."

    The audience might not understand this, but these are the factors that push out the old:

    1. Money. Older workers are paid more because of longevity, pay raises. And older workers cost more -- they are entitled to more vacation time.

    2. Productivity. I don't agree with this but many believe that new, younger workers, have more of the new skills involving the new technology. I disagree because I think older workers may know the business better and can report and develop news better, and have a link or recognition factor with the audience that new workers won't be able to build for years.

    3. Ratings. There is a belief (and I don't know if it is true or false) that the audience prefers to watch younger people deliver the news. This is why many TV news staffs today resemble the contestants in a beauty pageant.

    4. Demographics. More younger newscasters are hired to appeal to a younger demographic-- younger viewers. This desire for younger, attractive newscasters is what advertisers supposedly want. However, when I watch the evening news, I mostly see commercials for medicines needed by retirees and older people. If the TV news was being watched by so many younger people, why are there so many medicines for old people being advertised on the news? So why aren't there more older newscasters?

    Anyway, despite my disagreements, the TV news business is getting younger, and older workers are being replaced with younger.

    If you are a TV news viewer, how do you feel about the changing, younger face of TV news? Does it make a difference to you who gives you your news each day or evening?

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    Your point about ratings and that the audience prefers to watch younger people deliver the news I find isn't true. I find many people saying they don't want to get their news or weather from some kid, and that they're not believable because they're too young and don't have enough experience in the ways of the world.

    I wish more news directors and consultants understood that.

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