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Thread: The NAB's new advertising campaign

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    I can't help but notice the new TV advertising campaign by the National Association of Broadcasters. It's thirty second TV commercials talk about the future of TV including TV over mobile devices.

    It's actually ironic, because traditional broadcasting is threatened with losing its "airwaves" so that mobile and wireless Internet providers can have more bandwidth to transmit videos and data.

    What it all might mean is that in the future what you call "TV now" in the future might just be another website-- or group of websites. And instead of watching "Channel 2" you might be going to a website that will carry "Channel 2's" programs.

    In fact, when TV "stations" are on the Internet instead of broadcasting with towers and over "airwaves" there probably won't even be a reason to call a station by a "channel number" because there won't be any more "channels" to tune to.

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    Yeah I found that ad pretty amusing.

    The NAB is like traditional newspapers running scared. The day will come when there will be 24/7 newscasts on the internet, with traditional TV merely joining the concept in progress.

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