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Thread: Television has lost its exclusive on "video"

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    Television has lost its exclusive on "video." Now newspapers and radio and all sorts of print media are presenting video content on their websites. The Las Vegas Review Journal even has a daily "newscast" on its website. And more websites belonging to print outlets and even radio are now hosting video reports.

    What I really found curious is that these print outlets with websites are now generating their own video.

    Take for example one of the Public Radio Stations in Southern California. It is now advertising for a videographer who will report and present video news on this radio station's website. Here is part of the advertisement:

    "The Videographer/Photographer for KPCC, Southern California Public Radio, will oversee our online photo and video initiatives. This position will provide regular oversight of video production and still photo use, as well as ongoing camera and editing training to reporters, talk shows, and editorial staff. The Videographer/Photographer will conduct on-location and in-studio shoots and assist in regular, targeted reporter and talk show training for quick turnaround videos that add visual depth to our on-air stories. The Videographer/Photographer will also conduct interviews and discover stories with an eye for stories with photo and video potential."

    TV news is no longer -- or soon will not be -- king of the hill. There's no great trick involved in shooting video and editing it and getting it online. And since we will all soon be having Internet-ready TV, our "TV news" just might be coming from a newspaper or a radio station.

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    True, but here's the big question.

    Would you rather watch video on a HD screen or a computer screen where the video resolution is not near as good? The former is still where TV has everyone else beat, at least for now.
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    Thanks SolidPro but the real point is that your big screen TV if not now, will soon be Internet ready. You'll touch a key on your remote and your TV will show Internet video. So you will be able to watch the newscast from a newspaper, or a website, or a magazine with the same quality and ease as you now watch Channel 2 or 4 or 7.

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    Buy a Google TV box, Boxee Box, PS3, or XBOX and your TV is internet ready.

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    I am watching the new TV commercials for cell phones and smart phones and they are all promoting how they can carry video. Then I look at the TV news and they promote how they are streaming video on their websites. It all is coming together-- and the future of TV will be the device that you hold in your hand whether it's a smart phone or iPad or other tablet device.

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