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Thread: Serene's migraine and a lesson for everyone.

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    I'm sure everyone is very happy to know that Serene Branson suffered a severe migraine with harsh effects and nothing like a stroke or other malady. I think we'd all "take a migraine" over a stroke. I know that I feel that way.

    I once had a migraine -- and while it didn't have the same symptoms as Serene's migraine -- it did land me in an emergency room and after a battery of sophisticated tests and scans, several doctors told me I had had a minor stroke.

    Yes, it was a misdiagnosis. It was only a migraine. I found that out later when there were further tests by my own doctors.

    But there is an important lesson here for everyone in what happened to Serene Branson -- and about what she did and what she didn't do. She made a serious mistake at the beginning of her "event."

    Her mistake is that she said she went home instead of going to a hospital.

    The bottom line here is that whenever you have a severe "episode" involving headache, blurred visions, loss of control of facial muscles and hand movements -- do not go home. Call 911 immediately and get to an emergency room. The same should be said about chest pain and a possible heart attack.

    I was surprised to hear Serene talk about going home after her incident. She should have gone directly to an emergency room and she should have let the paramedics take her just in case something horrible happened during the ride to the hospital.

    By the way when my migraine hit me -- I had blurred vision, some lights appeared to be purple, the left side of my face went numb and slumped, and I had severe head pain and weakness. We called 911 immediately (we were shopping at the time) and an IV was immediately started and we were off to the nearest emergency room. The initial diagnosis was wrong -- but I never regret calling 911 or going for the tests or taking the necessary precautions. You shouldn't either.

    When there is a possible stroke or heart attack, you do not hesitate or think twice. You call 911 and you get to the emergency room fast. And I am disappointed that the media has not made this point in the various reports about Serene's episode. Making that point would be a true public service. And as more reports are made about Serene's outcome -- a migraine and not a stroke -- I hope reporters will not forget to urge those with symptoms not to "second guess" their conditions.
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