Do you get the feeling that the TV news is "lazy" ? I've always known that the TV news is lazy, because for the most part the TV news covers "easy news" such as fires and weather and what we refer to as "police news" which can range from car chases to drive-by shootings. Those are really "easy" to cover.

Over the last few days I got a bitter reminder about just how "lazy" the news is. I got a tip about a possible scam and consumer ripoff which I thought was worthy of someone in the news business to investigate. If the allegations are true, it would make one heck of a story.

So, I called a few of my friends who are still in the news business and asked them to pass the info along to their investigative or hard-news reporters, and to let them know I had additional information to help move the story investigation along.

Well, no one called back.

So, then I posted on some of the social media websites that I belong to -- Facebook and LinkedIn -- that I had something that a news reporter might find worthwhile. And I said if I were still in the news business I would certainly look into it.

Well, on Facebook and LinkedIn other reporters posted about the "spoon fed stories" they were working on each day, but no one showed any interest in some original journalism.

I even sent some emails, and no one responded. Not even an email to say "send something for me to look at."

It's pretty sad, if you ask me. The public is being let down. This is a good story that was presented to me, and I'm very sorry that I'm not in the news business anymore.