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Thread: We have a new home for our TV show in 2014

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    Hi. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. During the holidays we were hard at work on our first Best Buys TV Show of 2014 and we have a new home for our show.

    Starting with our first show of 2014 we will be on KCAL Channel 9. And we not only have a new home -- we also have a new day and a new time for our show. We will be on late Saturday afternoons at 5-PM.

    We are very excited about our new Saturday afternoon time because we think it will be a very convenient time for our viewers. At 5-PM we think many viewers will be home after an active day, and will be relaxing before dinner or an evening out.

    As always, you will be able to see our full half-hour TV show on our website and you will be able to see the TV show videos and read more about the companies and professionals we present in our TV show.

    Here is where to find the reports featured in our show on Saturday, January 11 on KCAL9:

    Reborn Cabinets is on our "Home Improvement / Reborn Cabinets" page.
    Bilt-Well Roofing and its solar power system is on our "Home Improvement / Roof" page.
    Top Wood Shutters is on our "Home Improvement / Shutters, Blinds" page.
    Beds Etc. is on our "Beds and Mattresses / Beds Etc." page.
    Northridge Gold Mine is on our "Gold and Diamonds" page.
    Laptop Xchange is on our "Computers" page.
    NTMA Training Centers is on our "Employment / Jobs / Job Training / NTMA" page.
    Savinar Luggage is on our "Luggage" page.
    Just Like The Model is on our "Furniture / Orange County" page.
    The Ski and Snowboard Outlets are on our "Ski and Snowboard Equipment and Clothes" page.
    A-1 Carpet Market in Torrance is on our "Carpet / A-1 Torrance" page.
    The Appliance Outlet in Chatsworth is on our "Home Improvement / Appliances" page.
    The Veritas Law Group for foreclosure help is on our "Mortgage / Veritas Law Group" page.

    Please remember to change your DVRs and VCRs and digital recorders to our new day and time and station:

    KCAL Channel 9, Saturday afternoon at 5-PM, starting January 11.

    Happy new year,
    Alan Mendelson
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Almost at the perfect time. I remember Saturdays used to be Mama's Family, Fight Back and the Fritz and Fred show. We don't talk about the Mark and Brian show they tried, we never talk about the Mark and Brian show.

    Hope everything goes well on your new(old) station.

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