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Thread: Tommy Bahama jeans stitching is spreading

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    Below is a photo of the seat on my relatively new Tommy Bahama jeans. I say relatively new because I bought them about two months ago and I have been wearing them. They are not tight fitting jeans and there is room in the seat -- yet the stitching is becoming separated and is spreading. That "white" you see in the stitching is actually the light coming through the jeans where the stitching has separated -- and I think that shows how much the stitches have spread.

    I have never seen this happen before and I certainly didn't expect to see it on jeans that cost so much.

    Has anyone else experienced this? What was the reaction when you brought them back to the store? Or... did you return them to the store? Is it a defect?
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    Another funny thing happened to the same pair of jeans... I decided that it would be appropriate if I washed them before returning them. After all... they were worn. So... in the washer they went with my other clothes... hot wash, warm rinse, hot dryer. And don't ask me how, but the "stretch" went away. Poof. Magic.

    Could it be that the normal wash and dry which makes jeans "tighten" also fixed the stretch that allowed the gap to appear? New photo of the same jeans after washing is below. And yes, I also held the jeans up to the same light as before and the light doesn't shine through because that "gap" is gone.
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