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Thread: Is there anyone under 40 on this forum?

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    I have posted on a number of forums and other online communities, and I always find the demographics to be fascinating.

    I am about to turn 42.

    When I played a lot of online poker, I was the old guy at the table. This was back when I was in my mid-30s, and I was typically 10 years older than the 2nd-oldest guy at the table.

    On my forum (Pokerfraudalert), I am right around average age.

    On this forum, it seems that everyone here is older than me. In fact, when trying to think about the posters I've seen here, I don't recall a single person who has identified themselves as being under 40.

    Am I really the youngest one here?

    If so, it's a strange feeling, because it's been a long time since I've been the youngest in any setting. I thought those days were permanently over for me.
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    I'm under 40 . Not all that much, but still under 40.

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    I'll be turning 45 this year. Same age as the WSOP which I hope to play in this summer!

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    AARP member 57 here.

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    36 here...well for a few more days at least.

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    You're the same age as my son. I'm a lot closer to the oldest than the youngest.

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    Originally Posted by arcimede$ View Post
    You're the same age as my son. I'm a lot closer to the oldest than the youngest.
    Where have you been arc? redietz and I have been having a blast with Rob! Poems, songs you name it!
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    61 and I will be 62 in April. Would someone like to buy me a hot fudge Sundae at Baskin Robbins for my birthday?
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    43 here, just a tad older than Dan

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