We have several new Best Buys to show you on Saturday on our Best Buys TV Show on KCAL9. Our show is on Saturday afternoon at 5-PM on KCAL.

Among the new Best Buys: we introduce you to the L.A. Solar Group which has different options for having solar power. Most companies offer a lease program or a solar power system that you purchase. But L.A. Solar Group not only has those options but they also have more money saving options available.

Also new on our show is 3 Men's Suits for $129 -- the discounter of men's clothing. They can cut prices because they are the factory and you are buying factory direct. And immediate tailoring is available. And -- you can mix and match the suits so you and two friends can walk in and all three of you can walk out with a new suit for a total of $129.

Remember, you can watch our TV show videos on our website www.alanbestbuys.com and find more information and more deals.

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Thanks for watching and good shopping!
Alan Mendelson