We need more Oscars. I think it's wrong that there is just an Oscar for Best Actor and Best Actress and for the best supporting actor and actress. Well, how about an Oscar for the best extra?

Extras are vital for movies. Without extras there wouldn't have been movies such as The Longest Day (no invasion) and The Great Escape and Metropolis and How The West Was Won, and that famous scene of Civil War casualties in Gone With The Wind. Remember: there are no small actors, just small parts. And there are some giant actors who were extras. Heck, I was an extra in Groundhog Day. And while this scene didn't make the final cut for theaters the expression of awe on my face when I made eye contact with Andie MacDowell was historic.

How about an Oscar for the best Grip? Every one of us who has worked in the industry knows that without Grips nothing would get done.

How about an Oscar for the best caterer? Who the heck wants to work on a movie set with a bad caterer?