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Thread: Rare coins instead of stocks for your portfolio?

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    As investment portfolios grow, diversification options expand. First you start with a savings account, and then CDs, and then a stock market mutual fund, followed by bonds and perhaps art, antiques and rare coins.

    If you are considering rare coins, how about a rare U. S. silver dollar which just came on the market. This was sent in by ProCoin, a company that I featured on the news when I was with KCAL and on my Best Buys TV Show for their investment advice:

    ProCoin is proud to offer a beautiful 1794 Dollar, PCGS certified as Very Fine 25. It has been described as "Choice Very Fine. An excellent specimen with light attractive toning over virtually immaculate surfaces... " The coin has a full date.

    Available today at $220,000

    For a full description, images, and more great pieces, visit .

    I travel across the country visiting clients, reviewing wantlists, showing inventory, and buying coins. Whether you are buying nice coins for your collection, trading coins to upgrade your collection, or selling, please call or email me for a confidential consultation.

    Peter Cabral

    (866) 472-8126 or (949) 429-8150

    P.O.. Box 7238

    Capistrano Beach, CA 92624

    Note from Alan: please note the price is $220,000 as in 220 THOUSAND dollars. When I first got the email I mistook the amount for $220. Oh, how I wish it was!

    When I checked the stock market quotes, this coin is priced higher than one share of Berkshire Hathaway Class A which is at about $188,000.

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    Diversification is surely the key but $220k is surely a big lump of money! Thanks for sharing this!

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