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Thread: Does anyone else take the 7 Stars cruises?

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    Rob, I am not saying that -EV players have to lose. For example, I ran $500,000 coin-in to -EV machines to earn my Seven Stars this year, and I won $7600. But I know that was thanks to dumb luck (plus playing the highest-return games near-perfectly), not from any special strategies.

    Alan, it is only "fair" to count comps as real value if you would have otherwise paid real money to have done the same thing.

    Let's take the Norwegian Cruise. I am getting a now-sold-out $4040 cruise for about $680. So what is my real value? Well, it's definitely NOT $3360 (the difference between what I paid and the price of the room) because I wouldn't have paid over $4k to have a balcony room on a 7-day cruise. That's overpriced. But at the same time, if I wanted that cruise, that's what I would have had to pay. I think it's fair to value it at what I really WOULD have paid to take it -- maybe like $2200. So that's still a real value of $1500 or so, plus the opportunity to actually do something that I wouldn't have if I actually had to pay for it.

    Then there's the annual trip. I get real value out of that because I use the airfare to go somewhere I actually want, and just use the CET casino as a short stopping point. So that's another $1200, plus the real value of the $500 in food (or $500 in RCs at New Orleans), which is at least worth a few hundred in real $.

    The $500 in meals? Not worth $500 in real money to me, but at the same time, I like eating in nice/decent restaurants, so it's again worth at least a few hundred.

    Then there's the many free rooms I use, including at times I really need them such as the WSOP.

    So, yes, you can extract some fair value out of the base Seven Stars program alone, IF you enjoy doing the things that the benefits bring, which I do.

    How does the casino keep its doors open? Because most players aren't like me. Most don't use or earn their comps optimally, and are just there to gamble.
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    I think it makes sense to maintain protocol regarding being frugal on a micro level although you're risking sizable cash gambling, if (as Dan says) you're a winning gambler. What you have to guard against is the temptation to treat the control of your micro finances as evidence of your ability to control your major finances. Don't use micro-management of small amounts to create an illusion of control of major amounts.

    In a sense, as Rob might agree, the slot programs generally do just that. They distract you from the context of what you're doing with a whole mini-universe of distracting logistics. You get to control your slot club status; you may not control the behaviors that helped you acquire that status. You micro-manage slot club fluff, and that contributes to a false sense of control.

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    Excellent analogy redietz, but probably excruciating at the same time for most gamblers. Almost like being a regular casino loser and then having to see those "gambling problem?" pamphlets scattered throughout the casinos (in one of their futile attempts to appear noble).

    Dan I read your account of hitting 6 or 7 royals while playing for 7-Stars, and OF COURSE you had unusual good luck. Most people would see no more than 2 and more likely NONE in a 3-4 day session like that. And they would lose....but not because of five more credits here or there. People lose either because luck doesn't come often enough to them, and mostly because they just cannot quit playing. It's not about always being able to quit when you've won your highest amount for the session--no one could do that. It's about learning to be satisfied with a certain pre-set win amount and comprehending that the machines will be there for another day to take care of those with an insatiable need to keep playing. I've said this before: Greed is a gambler's #1 enemy.

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    To respond back to the Topic: Any hints for NCL Seven Stars cruises?, I must respectfully disagree with Dan. I think that the main dining room food is already pretty good. I have also eaten at the NCL specialty restaurants: French, Italian, Steakhouse. And the only place that was better than the main dining rooms was the Gatsby Steakhouse.

    At the main dining room you can get unlimited portions of any appetizer or entrée and I found the service was very good as well. After a meal or two I would ask to be served by a particularly outstanding waiter or waitress on a cruise and almost always could be accommodated.

    Last February I was boarding in New Orleans on the NCL Dawn (which last week ran aground at Bermuda) and the VIP line was much longer than the regular line so I went regular so keep your head on a swivel when checking in.

    If you have been on several cruises on NCL already you may be entitled to a special reception on board as a "Latitude Member" that reception usually has some decent door prizes so make sure to mark your calendar.

    You should also look at the forums at to look for tips -- particularly tips for excursions which do not have the heavy NCL mark ups.

    The only NCL promo sold on board that I thought was actually a good deal was the $250 deposit for a future NCL cruise (usable for 4 years) which had an instant $100 on-board credit for a net $150. We have used them successfully for later Seven Stars trips but it only makes sense if you plan to cruise again. But only buy one as I think you cannot combine them for a future cruise.


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    I have a related question of my own. I have received invitations in the mail for a "free" NCL cruise if I come in to a Ceasars property on specific weekends (but I had not come in). For the first time these cruises include a Copenhagen departure in May 2016. Up to now the only European departures were Venice and Barcelona. I have enjoyed cruises from both those ports. I haven't made Seven Stars yet this year but I expect to do so. I do not know the details of the NCL Seven Stars cruises this time around. I see from the NCL website there are two itineraries from Copenhagen. Does anyone know if the Seven Stars Annual Copenhagen cruises go up the Baltic states (nine days) or only up to Norway (seven days)?


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