Hi. We are loaded with tips and help for "M&M" on our Saturday, May 3rd Best Buys TV Show on KCAL channel 9. We will be on at our regular time of 5-PM Saturday afternoon. And our complete TV show and our various TV show reports are now on our website www.AlanBestBuys.com so you can get a head start on this money saving information.

So what's "M&M"? Well, it's "Mother" and "Money" of course. And we have tips and ideas for Mother's Day gifts, and we have tips and ideas for your money including help to deal with your credit card bills, and help if you are facing foreclosure.

We introduce you to The Mediator Law Group which can help you deal with your creditors and possibly help you negotiate your debts. You get a free consultation and you only pay for results. Let me repeat that: you get a free consultation and you only pay for results.

If you are facing foreclosure 911 Property Rescue can help you avoid foreclosure.

Here's where to find the reports featured in our show on Saturday, May 3 on KCAL9:

Reborn Bath Solutions in Anaheim is on our "Home Improvement / Reborn Cabinets" page.
Su Perfume Club in Ontario is on our "Perfumes & Colognes" page.
911 Property Rescue is on our "Mortgage / 911 Property Rescue" page.
Northridge Gold Mine is on our "Gold and Diamonds" page.
Top Wood Shutters is on our "Home Improvement / Shutters, Blinds" page.
NTMA Training Centers is on our "Employment / Jobs / Job Training / NTMA" page.
The Appliance Outlet in Chatsworth is on our "Home Improvement / Appliances" page.
Pottery Manufacturing & Distributing is on our "Pottery" page.
3 Men's Suits $129 is on our "Clothing / Men and Suits" page.
Mediator Law Group for credit card help is on our "Credit Tips and Help" page.
Laptop Xchange is on our "Computers" page.
L.A. Checker Cab is on our "Taxi Service" page.
Magnolia Dental Esthetics is on our "Dentist / Los Angeles County" page.
ECOLA Termite is on our "Termite Control / ECOLA" page.
L&T Japanese Automotive is on our "Auto Repair / Tires / Maintenance" page.
Dreier's Nursing Care Center is on our "Nursing Home / Nursing Care" page.

Thanks for watching and good shopping!
Alan Mendelson