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Thread: Another cut in benefits for certain Diamond players at Total Rewards?

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    I just got a call from a "lower level" Diamond player (under 80,000 tier points) who told me that at the cage at Caesars he had to pay a fee for a cash advance. When he went earlier this year he did not have to pay the fee.

    He was told that the fee for Diamonds under 80,000 points THIS YEAR has been reinstated. It didn't matter that he had more than 80,000 tier points in 2013 -- they were using the 2014 tier point level.

    Anyone have info on this?
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    Hi Alan:

    I have not used cash advances at a casino before so I don't understand the protocol or the benefit given by (or cut by) CET.

    When based on the Tier Status (e.g. Seven Stars) one gets a free cash advance from CET, does it mean that when you bring your credit card to the cage, CET pays for ALL the cash advance charges made on your account or just the charges that would otherwise go to CET for handling the transaction? Or is it considered just a purchase of chips (like when I was on a NCL "free" cruise in Europe) on the credit card that gives you 21 days grace period after the monthly statement is issued before any interest is charged?

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    It's not only for cash advances -- it's also using your ATM card and avoiding the ATM fees.

    Let me give you Caesars Palace as an example: if I go to an ATM machine at Caesars, there is a $5.99 machine fee, plus my bank charges a "foreign ATM fee" of $2.50. Instead, I can go to the cage at Caesars and take out my money (cash) and as a 7 Stars there are no fees charged. In this case the "foreign ATM" machine is not used and my bank doesn't charge me the $2.50 either. So, it's cash from my ATM card with no fees at all. I've actually gone to the cage to get $40 in small bills for tips using my ATM card with no fees at all.

    In the case of a credit card cash advance Caesars also would not charge any of its merchant fees (I don't know what that fee is) and the only fees would be those charged by your credit card for the cash advance. You never avoid the fees of your credit card company.

    Now it's my understanding that unless you are a 7 Stars and higher tier Diamond, Caesars Palace does charge the fees at the cage.
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    Hi Alan

    Thanks for the information. In the past I would walk from Ceasars Palace to Casino Royale to use the ATM since it was only a $1 charge. Now I know I can go to the CET cage for no ATM fee.

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    Yes, and don't forget there are Bank of America ATMs in the Forum shops for anyone who is a BofA customer and does not get free ATM use at the cage.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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