Hi. Our Saturday, July 12th Best Buys Show has a new time. We will be on at 5:30-PM on KCAL Channel 9 in Los Angeles.

We think 5:30-PM will be a better, more convenient time for you to watch our show on KCAL9, but if you want a head start on our Best Buys you will find them on our website www.alanbestbuys.com along with the TV show videos.

We have several new Best Buys to tell you about, including:

Dahdoul Outlet in Commerce. Dahdoul has been known for family clothing and area rugs, but now Dahdoul carries quality designer fashion clothing and brand name luggage and small appliances and furniture direct from department stores.

Ocean Seven Builders is on our show and they specialize in roofing and roof repairs. And on our show you will meet a homeowner who says Ocean Seven fixed their roof when other roofers couldn't.

MiOpenHouse.TV is on our show and this real estate services company will help you sell your home faster and at a better price and with a smaller commission.

Here's where to find the reports featured in our show on Saturday, July 12 on KCAL9:

Dahdoul Outlet is on our "Discounters / Dahdoul Outlet" page.
MiOpenHouse.TV is on our "Real Estate / MiOpenHouse.TV" page.
Best Carpets in Montclair is on our "Carpet, Rugs / Inland Empire" page.
Ocean Seven Builders is on our "Home Improvement / Roof" page.
3 Day Flooring & Kitchens & Baths is on our "Home Improvement / Kitchen" page.
Dreier's Nursing Care Center is on our "Nursing Home / Nursing Care" page.
Laptop Xchange in Montclair is on our "Computers" page.
Bedder Mattress is on our "Beds and Mattresses / Bedder Mattress" page.
A-1 Carpet Market in Torrance is on our "Carpet / A-1 Torrance" page.
ECOLA Termite and Pest Control is on our "Termite Control / ECOLA" page.
Just Like The Model is on our "Furniture / Orange County" page.
Top Wood Shutters is on our "Home Improvement / Shutters, Blinds" page.
NTMA Training Centers is on our "Employment / Jobs / Job Training / NTMA" page.
The Appliance Outlet in Chatsworth is on our "Home Improvement / Appliances" page.
Pottery Manufacturing & Distributing is on our "Pottery" page.
3 Men's Suits $129 is on our "Clothing / Men and Suits" page.
L&T Japanese Automotive is on our "Auto Repair / Tires / Maintenance" page.
Veritas Law Group for foreclosure help is on our "Mortgage / Veritas Law Group" page.

Thanks for watching and good shopping!
Alan Mendelson