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Thread: How much money in a jar filled with coins?

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    I was really bored tonight. I mean really bored. Friday night and nothing to do -- and I am at my son's apartment because he is on vacation. I checked out all of the online dating sites, and even looked at the latest inmates looking for a pen pal and nothing interested me. So, as I was reaching for an ice cream out of the fridge I noticed that there was a large jar of coins on the kitchen counter.

    Now, I must confess, it's not my large jar of coins. It belongs to my son who doesn't like carrying change or even paying with coins. In fact, he gets angry at me when we go through a fast-food drive-thru window and I take the time to give the cashier the exact change -- for example $9.28. He calls that a waste of time. Well, because I "recycle" my change I don't have a large jar of change like he does.

    I also noticed that he had a big pack of coin wrappers that he must have obtained from his bank. I guess at one time he had a good intention about wrapping the coins. So, with nothing to do, I sat down at the kitchen table and emptied the jar, and then sorted the coins by pennies (cents), nickels, dimes and quarters and then I noticed he also had two one-dollar coins and two half-dollars. It was inexcusable not to use the half-dollars or the dollar coins and they had no reason to be in the jar.

    Then came the counting and the wrapping, which only took about two hours. I must admit that handling dimes was difficult -- they're too small. And my hands did get dirty from the change -- in fact they haven't been this dirty since before casinos switched over their slot machines to "ticket in and ticket out."

    Also in the jar was a lot of fibers from pants pockets plus one bolt nut.

    And the total "take" was:

    Dollars $2.00
    Halves $1.00
    Quarters $60 in wrappers
    Quarters $5.75 not in wrappers
    Dimes $15 in wrappers
    Dimes $2.60 not in wrappers
    Nickels $4.00 in wrappers
    Nickels .60 not in wrappers
    Cents $5.00 in wrappers
    Cents .34 not in wrappers

    Total haul for two hours work: $96.29

    By the way, as I sorted the coins I looked for silver coins and didn't find any.

    Now, had my son taken this jar to a coin sorting machine at a supermarket he might have been hit with a 10% processing fee. Bored Dads work for much less, of course.

    And the truth is, "finding money" can be more fun than looking at inmates who want pen pals.

    I hope that my son will be buying me lunch with his new-found wealth.
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