Hi. We have a special time for our Best Buys TV Show on Saturday, July 26 on KCAL Channel 9. We will be on at 3:30-PM instead of our usual time of 5:30-PM.

We will be on early because KCAL will be showing an Arena Football game starting at 4-PM.

We will return to our regular time of 5:30-PM on Saturday, August 2nd.

You can watch this Saturday's show now on our website www.alanbestbuys.com and you can see additional reports and new videos that won't be on TV until August. One of the new reports is about the newest arrivals at the Appliance Outlet in Chatsworth.

We also have special offers from Reborn Cabinets for kitchen and bathroom remodeling and I tell you about some special prices from Laptop Xchange in Montclair for back to school computers and accessories.

Thanks for watching and good shopping,
Alan Mendelson