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Thread: Dealt straight flushes in video poker

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    No... I am not going to suggest that the machines were rigged. I am not going to suggest any kind of conspiracy theory either. But last night (early this morning) I was dealt a straight flush on the original deal once, and I was dealt a straight flush on the draw after holding no cards.

    The dealt straight flush came on Aces and Faces. The straight flush on the draw came on Royal Aces Bonus. On Royal Aces Bonus you do not hold single high cards with the exception of an ace, so many of the "hands" you get you do a complete redraw.

    I also hit quad Aces on Aces and Faces but I must have been dealt trip aces at least a dozen times and one connected. Two of the hands with trip-aces dealt were full houses and I held the full house.

    I would like to tell you that I came home with big wads of cash, but I didn't. I had only a very small profit on the night, but the Advantage Players might value my night much more because I put on about 26,000 tier points including a 10,000 bonus and a 5,000 bonus. My 11,000+ points of actual play will generate Great Gift Wrap Up points, put me closer to another $500 Total Rewards Gift Card (50,000 tier points required), plus it will boost my bounce back money in October.
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    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    There are 9 ways to get a dealt SF (K through 5 high) in 4 suits. That means about once every 72,000 hands.

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    That you didn't run out after the first big hit is your first major error. Greed kills. Playing for tier points and GGWU value is obviously the second major error. You did exactly what the casino wanted and expected you to do after winning big. I am very glad I do not play that way.

    These two SF's sound similar to the 9's I was dealt and then got on the sweep--within 3 hands if you remember. Plus I got another quad 9's 30 minutes later by holding two. Then there's the string of ONLY trips in 9's. So your SF's are not even close to being unusual. Ask Howard Stern.

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