Yesterday, I went to a poker game. Me, and eight other regular guys and gals of various age groups and ethnicities sitting around playing a low limit game of Texas Holdem. Nothing special, until during the time the dealer was shuffling we glanced at the TVs around the poker room and someone commented -- "did you see that story about xxxx on the news last night?" (It doesn't matter what xxxx is.) And no one said they did.

Earlier in the week I got a haircut and Donelle (she cuts my hair at a small shop in Santa Monica) and I got into a discussion about that Boston mobster who was arrrested nearby. I asked her if she saw it on the TV news? Nope, she read it online and heard it on the radio.

I can offer a lot of examples to "stack the deck" that people aren't watching the evening news anymore, but I won't. Instead I just want to ask, do you still watch the evening news on TV?