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Thread: Caesars Total Rewards perks for Diamond and Seven Stars Players

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    Originally Posted by FABismonte View Post
    Yes thank you Chimp. I will try to get a free ticket for Penn and Teller and report on how it went.

    Regards FAB
    Last Saturday morning I went to the Total Rewards desk to ask for a free monthly Penn & Teller ticket for being Seven Stars. I was given a voucher after the computer was consulted. I was told that it was usually available for Seven Stars and to go to the Box office at Rio. Around 3:00 PM, I did go to Rio's box office and presented the voucher. While I was there the ticket agent picked up the phone and asked if she could release a "Booth" ticket for me. The answer was "yes" and I sat with two others at a wide booth in the middle.

    I enjoyed the show but since I saw it three years ago, I was disappointed that many of the skits were repeats. By contrast, when I saw Veronic Voices, I was astounded and it was only two months between me watching the shows.

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    Too bad you didn't completely enjoy the show but glad to hear that you could get the tickets.

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