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Thread: Rincon expands December free play offers

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    I received my monthly mailer from Rincon today -- with the offers for December -- and the offers I received surprised me.

    Instead of the usual weekly offers (I had been getting about $40-to-$70 per week) my offers for December are considerably larger.

    What I am getting is $135 of free play every two or three days. See the photo below.

    This is in addition to the U Choose offers for Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (I was cut to $40 each day) and in addition to several Saturday offers which include free play and various give-aways.

    At $135 of free play, it makes sense for me to drive there to take advantage of each and every offer since round-trip gas is about $40, and some of the $135 free play offers can be piggybacked with some other offers. There are some free play offers for Saturdays and Sundays valued at $70.

    Missing for December is the usual bounce back money from October. I'm not sure how much "bounce back" I would have gotten from October but I can't imagine it would have been more than a couple hundred. So even with the bounce back money eliminated I think I am coming out ahead.

    I was also told that I qualify for some sort of VIP gift which is a "designer watch." Last year it was a Bulova watch with a retail value of $165. The VIP gift will be given out on the Saturday before Christmas, Dec 20. This year the email I received shows Fossil watches for men and women and if the watch pictured in the email is the one they are giving out it is valued at $155 retail. If I go Saturday, December 20 the "value" of the trip will be $135 free play plus the $155 watch.

    And here's a surprise -- there will be a $100,000 of giveaways in December even though the million dollars will be given out New Year's Eve. The hundred thousand dollars of free play and cash giveaways will be on Saturday December 13 with drawings from 12noon to 11pm and at 11pm someone wins $30,000 cash plus all of the unclaimed prizes from earlier in the day.

    What also surprises me is that on Saturday, Dec 27 there will be prize giveaways and the monthly mailer says "Everyone will win a share of $175,000 in prizes!"

    Well, what does that mean? The mailer says "reward credits" will be given away and it wouldn't surprise me if "everyone" gets $5 in reward credits and a few get the big prizes. At 11pm "one person will win $25,000 cash." There are other prizes -- swipe your card at the Promotions desk for the instant prize which could be free play or gift cards.
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    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    My December offers surprised me too getting a much larger amount of free play twice a week and a large amount of bounce back that I hadn't received in the last 4 months.

    I received the offer for the watch as well.

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    Haven't received mine yet, I usually get the $5/week offer. However, I did notice on their reservation calendar through Total Rewards that rooms for almost every day in December are comped, except NYE of course.

    Meanwhile, heading there for Thanksgiving day after a trip to Valley View for my free buffet.

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    Rincon must be anticipating a slow month.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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