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Thread: Las Vegas for New Years!

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    Well, the holidays are upon us!

    I want to wish everyone from the forum Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

    This year has been great for the forum. We've seen and read all the interesting comments from all of the very knowledgeable forum members.

    Alan Mendelson runs a tight ship and keeps all of the forum members in line. I want to give a shout out to Alan Mendelson on a great job done! Some of you may disagree with Alan however, the man is very smart when it comes to video poker.

    As I posted on the title, I'm just curious on how many forum members will be going to the city with the bright lights. Las Vegas for New Years has a certain glamour. Yes there will be lots of people and the strip will be mobbed however, the lights shine bright and bells never stop ringing!

    I want to wish you all personally lots of Royal Flushes and hence my name, lots of Quad AAAA's. Make sure you get the kicker as well!

    Quad AAAA's

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    Thank you Quad AAAAs. Gwen and I will be at Caesars. Jason and his girlfriend will be at Rio and Red Rock --splitting a week-long trip.

    By the way I discussed New Years with them tonight and told her that after her dealt royal and because she is a craps virgin that she should be prepared for a lot of forum members to be at the table when she rolls that first time.

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    I will be there on New Years.

    However, I won't be gambling much, as I will be with several family members.
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    I tend not to gamble much at all as table minimums are jacked up and machines are filled up.

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    I will be there this year. Gaga/Bennett on the 30th and JLo on the 31st and will be staying at Cosmo/Caesars.

    Looking forward to Jason's GF's first roll!

    I don't think I will be gambling much at Caesars as I also think it will be too crowded. During the GGWU there were just too many people to enjoy gambling and New Years will more than likely be worse.

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    We need to make a plan for Jason's girlfriend's first roll. I am open to ideas including the best casino to have this much anticipated event.

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    Can you reserve a table somewhere or will it be too busy for that?

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    I don't know where to reserve a table. At Caesars if you have a $100-thou credit line you can have your own table.

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