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Thread: CET Platinum members now have to pay resort fees in Vegas

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    Platinum members used to be exempt from resort fees. Now it will cost them $25 per night in Vegas, no matter which property, even in comped rooms.

    This began on November 11.

    If you reserved a stay after November 11th, you are exempt from the resort fee ONLY if you booked before November 11th. Otherwise, you will have to pay.

    This applies to comped rooms, as well.

    Diamond and Seven Stars members are not affected.
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    I think its coming.

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    Originally Posted by carolinajacket View Post
    I think its coming.
    And when it does they'll say "use your RCs."
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    True, my daughter is a Platinum, and she uses her Rewards Points to pay the Resort Fee. Thankful for Rincon's multiplier days. Otherwise one Resort Fee would chew up half her Tier Credit/Reward Points.

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    Those multiplier days at Rincon are a joke. Even at 10x it will cost you too much money to get back the RCs you'd need.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Wait, there's not a resort fee at Rincon, is there?

    Or are you saying that your daughter earns 10x RCs and then uses it to pay the resort fees in Vegas?

    I always felt mandatory resort fees should be illegal. They exist in order to trick the consumer into believing he's getting a lower price than he really is, especially when using tools like Kayak or Orbitz to list hotels by price.

    CET hotels charged no resort fees for awhile (and promoted this heavily), but then abruptly reversed course when they realized they were showing up below comparable properties in Vegas with resort fees, simply because they rolled the resort fees into their basic price. So they started charging resort fees, too.

    The whole thing is a bunch of crap.

    Resort fees also screw travel agents out of commission.

    There needs to be a law that the posted hotel rate is the only mandatory price to stay at the hotel, aside from government taxes.
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