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Thread: Is Caesars Total Rewards Changing pre- Bankruptcy??

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    My point is this: it doesn't matter what Caesars says. There are lawyers who will sue regardless because that's what lawyers do.

    It is also bait and switch if they advertise that bonus points are being given when in fact the program has already been discontinued.


    While there is no sign of the "bonus tier points" showing up on the Caesars website, I just noticed that the website says my Seven Stars status is now extended to March 31, 2016.

    So... the website has up-to-date info on Reward Credits and "earned" tier points, but there is no sign of "bonus tier points." Does anyone believe that the bonus tier points are still going to be added on? If you do, please give me that bit of encouragement.

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    Originally Posted by supermaxhd View Post
    The bonus tier credits are still described here...
    Yes, the bonus tier credits ARE still described on the site. But they are not being listed on the "account status" that you can check on That is the issue: where are the bonus tier credits that we are supposed to be getting? In the past they were listed within 48 hours of play and many times within 24 hours of play.

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    The TR member on Facebook who originally said her bonus tier points showed on the slot machine at Rincon now says the points were removed from her account.

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    I don't like hearing that...I wasn't concerned having heard that her credits showed up on a machine.

    But now they have been removed?...damn!

    I started the year on Jan 1 & 2 using the previously discussed "strategy" of making 7stars by playing 2 days on each of 10 trips and playing until reaching 2500 tier point each day. That will only work if the the bonus tier program on the TR website is still in effect...and the bonus credits have not yet appeared on my TR page.

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    I just made the drive to Rincon. My bonus points DO SHOW UP on the machine BUT they do not show up on the Caesars website.

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    From a technical perspective, sounds like there is a computer program or script that has to be run to apply the bonus credits or move them over to the web system. Maybe because New Years was a Thursday the people that do this were on vacation until Monday. Not great customer experience but maybe this was stupidly not deliberate. Maybe.

    Computer systems for big companies like this tend to be complicated.

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    Received this info today:

    As you may have heard, a Caesars Entertainment subsidiary1 and some related business units have filed for reorganization under Chapter 11. The reorganization is part of our efforts to ensure our long-term success and our ability to deliver world-class entertainment to you for many years to come.

    We want to assure you that Total RewardsŪremains the same, and we are here to stay.

    As you are one of our most valuable guests, the following are a few important details that we want to make sure you are aware of as you visit our resorts and casinos:

    Business as usual at all Total Rewards resorts and casinos
    We are open for business and will continue to operate as usual
    Total Rewards remains the same
    You will continue to receive offers and comps from your favorite resorts and casinos
    Your Reward Credit balance remains in place
    The Tier Status you have earned for 2015 stays in place
    You will continue to earn Tier Credits and Reward Credits for all of your activity
    Daily Tier Credit Bonuses will remain the same through 2015
    Your hotel and event reservations are secure

    Our employees are here to serve you

    Plus, here’s the really exciting news! We would like to take this opportunity to give you MORE!

    Through March 31st, 2015, we are giving you a 50% bonus on the first 50,000 Tier Credits you earn! So, you could walk away with up to 25,000 EXTRA Tier Credits to count towards your Tier Status, and we even started counting on January 1st.*

    Thank you for your continued loyalty. We will keep doing everything we can to offer you the best casino loyalty program.

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