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    I am curious. We were in Las Vegas for New Years but I never saw or heard anything
    about the million dollar winner at Rincon on New Years. Did anyone go? Who won?
    I haven't seen anything posted on their website.

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    The winners picture is on Harrah's Resort Southern California Facebook page.

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    I was told by one of our forum members who was there that they called two people who were not there. The winner was the third name called which makes me wonder if they called anyone and not necessarily those who swiped to enter.

    Does anyone know if you had to swipe your card to enter the actual drawing?

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    The million dollar drawing was held at 11PM, you had to swipe your Total Rewards card prior. First player called was a regular at the craps tables who swiped earlier in the day and apparently went home. Second player called was a woman who also did not show up. Winner was Tracy E.

    [Source: Mark D. and Mike S. discussed this on their podcast]

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    What do you do when you realize you were called but went home?

    A few years ago my name was called for a $5,000 drawing at Hollywood Park Casino (poker casino). I wasn't there that day, but that made me sick since I had been there several days during that week to win entries.

    But losing a million? Oy.

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    I was there. I was wondering if the two people that were called had come on a bus that had departed before the names were called. I was sitting in the diamond lounge with another couple.

    They had stands set up at various locations that you could claim your prize at. They also had the drawing over by the gift shop/front entrance, not at the promotions area. When they did call the 3rd name we thought we heard screaming. But, they kept the clock going until they had 30 seconds left.

    BTW: I remember the first name. It was Nan C.

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