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Thread: Caesars Winter Fest Bonus Tier Rules

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    The Visa card offer is for REWARD credits and not tier points. In this case it's $100 of comps.

    I like FAB's observation: it is just another way to make the Diamond lane even more crowded. Keep in mind that at some locations, Diamonds and 7 Stars are in the same line. So those of you who think 7 Stars makes you "special" remember that the VIP next to you could be a Diamond. Hope that doesn't hurt too much. :-)

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    Here is the screen shot for the offer I received by email only today. Note that the upper right corner refers to Seven Stars and on the bottom side it states: "Exclusively For ________[name]" as well as "Total Rewards No. ______"

    So CET is trying by this email to suggest that this is some super duper exclusive offer individualized for me. Yeah, right.

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    Actually, Caesars didn't target you for having this stupendous offer. Modern direct mail systems allow for the personalization of mailers such as this. I am sure it went out to just about everyone on Caesars' mailing list. There was absolutely no consideration made for your current tier score or status or what offers and privileges you currently have. Whether you're a gold or a 7 Stars you got the same mailer.

    Personally, it amazes me that the cost of "personalization" is so low. But that's technology today.

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