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Thread: BREAKING - I have some "insider" info on Seven Stars 2015

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    Just a day after I asked if anyone knew anything about Total Rewards (specifically Seven Stars) for 2015, my prayers were answered. A well-placed CET insider told me the following:

    "Experience Points" are going away for 2015. The program was deemed a failure by CET management. Among the problems:

    - Customers (and even some hosts) didn't fully understand it

    - There were too many possible "experiences" to choose from, some of which were disappointing to customers, and others confusing to both customers and TR staff

    - The system, which awarded approximately $500 in benefits for each 50,000 tier points earned above 150,000, dissuaded customers from "shooting for" milestone tier numbers. So instead of playing for a million tiers, for example, they were happy to quit at 650,000.

    They are essentially returning to the old system, where players are awarded specific experiences at four different tier milestones: 250k, 500k, 1 million, and 2 million.

    No word yet on what the experiences at each of these levels will be.


    All other Seven Stars benefits will remain the same as 2014, aside from the Signature Events (already e-mailed to Seven Stars members) and the Signature Experiences listed above.

    This means that players will still get the annual gift, the $500 meal, the $1200 airfare and $500 food credit for the annual trip, and free rooms with 48 hours notice for 4-5 nights.

    The tier levels to earn Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars are also expected to stay the same.
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    Actually, the Experience Credits were wonderful until they did away with the multiple $500 Total Rewards Gift Cards. Because of those five hundred dollar gift cards I had some wonderful weekends in Vegas with fine dinners and also picked up some great gift items.

    Having milestones at 250k, 500k and so forth will make me stop playing rather than play more, since the milestones are so far apart. Having another gift card after 50,000 points was reasonable.

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    So you have to go from 150K all the way to 250K. Don't know how many folks will do that.

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    I had over 700K last year. But knowing that there is a great divide between 500K and 1-million will cause me to put on the brakes at 500K (if I even get that high in 2015).

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    I had over 700K last year. But knowing that there is a great divide between 500K and 1-million will cause me to put on the brakes at 500K (if I even get that high in 2015).
    LOL, I just had to comment on this, Alan...
    You always say you "Don't play that much".
    However, in order to get to 700K TC, you'd need to put in some SERIOUS coin-in.
    If indeed you do not play slots (you said you play craps at CP, but that doesn't really give you more than I'd say the "over" 700k TC)
    So, let's see...if you did it the "cheapest" possible, you'd have played 47 $50k days...which would be $2,350,000.

    I'm not sure $2M coin-in counts as "I don't play big" or "I don't play that much."

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    I haven't played much at all since around October. Remember I had eight royals last year, and made 7 Stars early last year with a profit thanks to a $2 royal.
    I've played very little since October when it became clear that there was no point in playing more for the limited benefits of the program.

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