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Thread: Still use a VCR ??

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    Years ago, when I did my one hour Best Buys specials on KCAL I used to promote them on the noon news by saying "remember -- set your VCR!!"

    Well, does anyone still have or use a VCR?

    While we're on the subject, remember the battle between Sony Betamax and VHS and which would survive?

    Back in the day I was at WTVJ in Miami and the cameramen all argued for Betamax being the "best" but even back in the 1980s the industry was saying VHS would survive.

    Well, has anything survived all this time?
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    We still have ours. There are several movies that we own that we haven't been able to replace with DVD versions. Plus we also have Star Wars original trilogy releases on VHS with the original release or close to it, not the CGIed up revised versions that are on the BluRays.

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    I was in a televised cable show contest out of Buffalo NY back in the early 80's. I led the thing for two months and finished fifth. Anyway, I am proud to say that they sent me a tape of the contest so I could see my smiling photo from the show. Unfortunately, it's beta. I still have it somewhere, but have never gotten to watch it.

    Damned shame. I looked good with hair.

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