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Dan Druff,

Why do you continue to play at CET? With your promise to play that amount of coin in and asking for a 5 night stay I feel that is very reasonable. CET should have stepped way up to the plate on that one. A promise to play that amount of coin in for a 5 night stay is sounding like a bilateral contract. As long as you honor your part of the agreement they should honor their part.

Why do you continue to work the host for a 5 night stay? If he says no then personally I would just walk away. I'm sure there are a number of other casinos that would like your play and offer you free rooms.

It appears that a number of people in this forum are hung up on the CET 7 Stars program. Again I really feel that CET is not the company that they once were. CET is weak and grumbling. For gawds sake they can't even pay their debt. As far as 7 Stars is concerned today it's not much of a program. CET is stripping the card of it's value.

The bottom line here is you want to play a large number of coin in. They apparently don't value you as a 7 Stars card holder because of your lack of play. Maybe it's time to man up and make a change. Take your business else where. I'm sure other casinos would love to have you. Good luck in whatever you choose to do. Remember your playing for a 7 Stars status. If it's that important to you I hope you win a good amount of your coin in. It would be a shame to lose all that money to a company that doesn't appreciate you as a patron.

Quad AAAA's
I play at CET because they have, by far, the best rewards program with guaranteed benefits.

I also like that you can use these benefits at many casinos across the US.

This is good for a play like me who does a lot of play in a short time, but then goes a long time without continuing to play.

But yes, I do have to put up with a lot of BS and fail by CET. I've said before that what's good about CET is also what's bad about CET. You can sometimes gain by utilizing their contradictory policies (like the CCS being able to give you more than the hosts), but you also go through a lot of frustration and confusion with them.